The Art Movie You Need to See - The Incurable

Photo by Dutch Rall

Photo by Dutch Rall

In the summer of 2006, a movie was made about my hand. Ok, not just about my hand, but mostly. In true arthouse movie form there was a lot of pretty stuff shot, some quiet, contemplative dialogue, and then . . .  at long last . . . My Hand.  

Joking aside, Dutch Rall made a truly beautiful movie that I feel lucky to have been a part of. It's called, The Incurable,  and it is finally available to rent or buy here. It's the story of a reclusive artist who slowly makes his way back to the world and back to making art, and of an aspiring artist who finds the courage to go her own way. The movie stars Miriana Andreeva and Art Peden. Do yourself a favor and see this movie!

A few months before I moved to New York, I was home on a Sunday when I got a phone call from my good friend Michael Sloan. He was running a drawing group at the Austin Visual Arts Association at the time. He told me there was a couple that showed up during the session that day who were looking for a competent artist to participate in a movie they were making. Since he didn't have time in his schedule, and since I was unemployed with all the time in the world, he suggested they drive over to my apartment and see me. I agreed. I put some pants on, made some fresh guacamole and waited for my guests.  

Not 15 minutes later Dutch and Jeni Rall rapped at the door of my East Austin studio apartment, which was in a building that looked like it was probably a Best Western motel about 20 years earlier.  Dutch and Jeni are the kind of people you like immediately, and I did. They told me a little about their project, though I realized after they left that they didn't tell me what the movie was about. I just knew that they needed someone to do figure drawings. So I showed them some of my work, we bonded over our mutual love for Jeff Buckley (I must have had him playing in the background), and that was that. I was hired. I think as much as they were impressed with my work, they were equally desperate to find someone quickly who could handle the job and would work for cheap. They were making a movie on less than a shoestring budget and needed to get it done quickly. I was their man.

Before they left I offered them some of my fresh guacamole, but they politely declined. I was slightly insulted, but I guess guacamole is not something you accept from a dude you just met in a somewhat seedy apartment. Though we did just share a moment over Jeff Buckley. Anyway.

A few days later I met them in the Texas Hill Country town of Wimberley to do the drawings. We filmed on the property of an artist who made large scale sculptures. Unfortunately, I don't recall her name. But I remember being impressed with the work. It was fun. Art (who played the recluse artist) and I took turns wearing a denim shirt as Dutch filmed my hand drawing, then filmed Art sitting at the easel pretending to draw. The figure drawings you see in the movie were all done live as Miriana posed and Dutch filmed.