I am now accepting private students in the Austin, TX area who are serious about developing a high level of artistic skill. My training is in the academic tradition, which I learned from Jacob Collins and others at his Water Street Atelier. Students will get a heavy dose of drawing instruction at the beginning of the training, geared towards an understanding of the way light describes form to create images that feel real to the viewer. As students progress at their individual pace, painting will be introduced, and all the form concepts learned in graphite will be applied to paint as well as new concepts on the way light affects color to express form.

Through this training and learning these concepts you will be on the road to making the type of work you've always dreamed of and admired. 

How it Works:
Each student must have a place to set up and work at home. The majority of the work you do will be in your own space. We will meet for an hour each week when I will critique the work you've done at home, and demonstrate any ideas I need to relate. We will also set up a drawing for you to work on long term during our weekly meetings. Your growth however, depends mostly on how much time you are willing to dedicate to drawing (or painting) on your own during the week. 

How Much?
Monthly tuition is $325